150 Watt Explosion Proof Luminaire (D Series)

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150 Watt Explosion Proof Luminaire (D Series)

Introducing the multifaceted 150 Watt Explosion Proof Luminaire from our distinguished D Series, designed to meet the challenges of hazardous locations with versatile functionality and robust safety features. This luminaire shines as an unparalleled lighting solution capable of serving as a spotlight, downlight, tunnel light, floodlight, and wall pack. It’s crafted to illuminate a broad range of environments with efficiency and dependability, making it a staple in settings that demand the highest standards of safety and illumination.

Key Applications:
Designed for general illumination across hazardous locations, the D Series is seamlessly adaptable to a multitude of environments, including, but not limited to:

  • All facets of Petroleum Production, Refineries, Loading, Transportation, Storage, and Retail.
  • Paint Processing and Spray Facilities.
  • Pumping Stations across diverse environmental conditions.
  • Metal Smelting, Foundries, and Fabrication plants.
  • Mining Operations and Services.
  • Ocean Platform Facilities and Structures.
  • Aerospace Clean Rooms and Production areas.
  • Chemical Production and Storage facilities.
  • Ocean Vessel Operations.
  • Military operations in specialized conditions.
  • Flour and Fine Particle Production and Storage.
  • Food and Distilling Production environments.
  • Electrical Powder Generation Stations.
  • Locations with high humidity, vapor, dust, and temperatures.

Ratings and Certifications:

  • UL844 (North American): Ensures that this luminaire meets stringent safety standards, making it suitable for use even in the most demanding hazardous conditions.
    • Class I, Div. 1, Groups C, D
    • Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D
    • Class II, Div. 1, Groups E, F, G
    • Class II, Div. 2, Groups F, G
    • Class III
  • Marine Ratings: Adheres to UL 1598A and ABS, signifying its capability to withstand marine environments.
  • Other Ratings: Possesses an IP66 rating, guaranteeing high levels of protection against dust and water, and an IK10 impact protection rating, indicating its resistance to physical impacts.
  • Radiates an impressive 21000 lumens, efficiently brightening extensive areas with ease.

Warranty: Backed by a 5-year warranty, this product promises long-term reliability and performance, providing peace of mind and underscoring our commitment to quality.

Whether it's lighting up a petroleum refinery, ensuring visibility on an ocean platform, or providing safe illumination in aerospace clean rooms, the 150 Watt Explosion Proof Luminaire (D Series) delivers exceptional performance, intrinsic safety, and unparalleled adaptability. With its comprehensive range of certifications and a design tailored for versatility, this luminaire stands as an essential component for any hazardous location, ensuring operations proceed smoothly, efficiently, and safely.