150 Watt LED Work Light

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150 Watts – 5000K – Linkable up to 600W – Grey and Red – 21000 Lumens

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150 Watt LED Work Light

Presenting the 150 Watt LED Work Light from Factory LED Direct, a paragon in the realm of efficient and high-grade lighting solutions. Designed with customer needs in mind, this LED Work Light embodies an combination of innovative features and exceptional performance.

One of the standout features is its Plug-n-Play design, simplifying the setup process. Now, you can effortlessly enjoy superior illumination at your workplace without intricate installations. This product boasts approval from ETL and cETL, emphasizing its adherence to safety standards and its commitment to reliable service. Equipped with a 6KV high voltage surge protection, this LED Work Light offers enhanced safety, ensuring your workspaces remain hazard-free. The Work Light comes with a 10ft US plug, offering ample length for maximum convenience, with longer inquiries welcome to provide for specific user requirements. The 60 Watt LED Work Light emits light at a full 360-degree beam angle, guaranteeing uniform and consistent illumination across your entire workspace. This illumination integrity makes it an invaluable tool for detailed tasks and large area lighting. Further adding to its durability and reliability, the light features die-cast aluminum construction. This not only lends to its robustness but also facilitates efficient heat dissipation, ensuring a longer product lifespan even under high-load working conditions. The light is fit for use in damp locations, extending its utility to diverse environments.

A unique feature is its linkable design, which allows users to combine multiple units (up to a maximum of 600W) for enhanced illumination. Embedded in our climate at Factory LED Direct, we prioritize the needs of our customers and aim to offer the most reliable, efficient, and tailor-made lighting solutions. With the 150 Watt LED Work Light, you invest in a product that promises superior quality, durability, and proven performance, illuminating your workspace like never before.

150 Watts, 21000 Lumens, 5000K