150 Watt Retrofit Ark Lamp



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Dimensions 11.54 x 5.12 x 3.82 IN
22000 LM

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150 Watt Retrofit Ark Lamp


  • Our 150 Watt Retrofit Corn Lamp has a 180-degree beam angle
  • 6063 aluminum heat sinker and air convection design to speed up heat dissipation
  •  340-degree wide-angle lamp holder
  •  Unique and novel appearance
  •  Isolated constant current power supply
  •  Super high lumen 140-150LM/W,
  •  AC 100-277V,
  •  Ballast free, easy installation
  •  Wattage: 150
  •  Voltage: AC100-277V
  •  Color Temperature: 4000K, 5000K
  •  IP 64
  •  CRI > 80
  •  Lifespan: 50, 000 hours
  •  ETL, CE, RoHS certificated
    Canopy, parking lot, shoebox fixture, wall pack fixture, floor light, cobra street fixture
    DIM 11.54 x 5.12 x 3.82 IN
    22000 LM

180° HID Replacement Corn Lamps are perfect for wall packs, landscape lighting, street lights and shoeboxes. They are very easy to Install, coming in a wide assortment of wattages, colors and bases to replace nearly every HID, CFL and incandescent bulb in use. They are perfect for situations where you require light in only one direction. Typically, reflectors are used with HIDs or CFLs but this lamp conserves energy by only emitting 180° light.

150 Watt Retrofit Corn Lamp retrofit kits can be anything that replaces an old fixture with LEDs. Commonly the term used for large scale fixture retrofits such as parking lot lights or high bays, but the term can apply to keeping any fixture and switching to LED.   You can retrofit with either a LED light bulb or a LED retrofit kit.   There are reasons to go with one or the other. The difference between a LED corn light bulb and a LED retrofit comes down to the driver and what can be installed.   With a kit you get a full size driver and the flexibility in install. This usually ensure that a kit will always fit in the fixture. The bulbs use a smaller driver built in the base of the bulb.   This makes it all-in-one and screws into a light socket.  Just bypass the ballast and twist in.


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Input Voltage

100-277V, 300-480V


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