150W LED Street Light

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150 Watts – 22500 Lumens – 5000K – UL ROHs Compliant DLC Premium – 5 Year Warranty


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150W LED Street Light

Illuminate your surroundings with the 150W LED Street Light from Factory LED Direct. As a trusted guide in the landscape of sustainable lighting, we're proud to present this superior lighting solution that exemplifies our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer-centric innovation. The 100W LED Street Light operates at a power that achieves the perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency. With an input range of AC 120-277V, our product ensures excellent compatibility across a slew of environments, extending its usage from residential spaces to large-scale industrial areas.

Our LED Street Light delivers an output of 22500 lumens at a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 5000K, providing daylight-like brightness that enhances visibility and security. Whether you're illuminating a sidewalk, public square, parking lot, or street, you can rely on our light to create a well-lit, safer environment. At the heart of the 100W LED Street Light is the acclaimed Lumileds light source. Known for their exceptional luminescence and energy efficiency, Lumileds guarantees a lighting solution that is not just powerful, but also reliable and sustainable. One of the primary attributes of our Street Light Series is its versatility. It's specifically designed to thrive in outdoor wet locations, making it an excellent choice for a multitude of applications. From providing ambient lighting for museums and art galleries, illuminating underground parking lots and buildings, to brightening lawns, residential areas, schools, and more - this light is every user’s dependable partner in illumination.

At Factory LED Direct, we place your satisfaction at the core of our business. Trust in the remarkable performance, premium quality, and the extensive applicability of our 100W LED Street Light. Let us help you illuminate your environments more efficiently, more brightly, and in a way, that puts your needs first.