180° Double Bullhorn

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180° Double Bullhorn: Enhancing Lighting Versatility with Superior Adjustability and Stability

Factory LED Direct is proud to present the 180° Double Bullhorn, a steadfast and versatile solution designed with a deep understanding of your dynamic lighting needs. This product encapsulates our unwavering focus on top-tier quality, adaptable alignment, and essential functionality to facilitate personalized lighting deployments.

Our  Double Bullhorn is specifically designed to mount over a 2-3/8” (60mm) O.D. vertical tenon, providing an optimal foundation for any lighting infrastructure. A key feature of this product is its capability to support two fixtures mounted to the round external mount horizontal tenons, illustrating a striking blend of thoughtful design and space optimization.

Further enhancing its versatile appeal, the Double Bullhorn allows for horizontal adjustments. The power to fine-tune the alignment of fixtures means you're empowered to sculpt your lighting reach according to your preferences, assuring a custom-tailored illumination to match your unique needs.

Constructed with the signature durability inherent in all Factory LED Direct's products, the 180° Double Bullhorn offers extended longevity, ensuring dependability and seamless performance over the course of its long service life.

By selecting Factory LED Direct’s 180° Double Bullhorn, you’re not just choosing a superior lighting bracket; you’re partnering with a reliable guide in the realm of sustainable and efficient lighting solutions. We are dedicated to aligning our expertise with your unique lighting requirements to provide products that strike the perfect balance between functionality, durability, and convenience.

Experience the 180° Double Bullhorn's effect in maximizing your lighting capabilities. Entrust Factory LED Direct to deliver innovative, reliable, and tailored lighting products, designed with a keen understanding of your needs, and validated by our commitment to your complete satisfaction.


180° Double Bullhorn