180° Triple Bullhorn

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180° Triple Bullhorn

180° Triple Bullhorn: Optimum Functionality, Precision, and Aesthetics for Your Lighting Arrangements

Factory LED Direct is delighted to introduce the 180° Triple Bullhorn, a representation of our commitment to imbue sophisticated technology with operational simplicity and style. This product embodies our core design principles of efficiency, customization, and resilience, adhering to our dedication to meet the unique lighting needs of our esteemed customers.

Our Triple Bullhorn is a meticulously crafted bracket that is designed to mount effortlessly over any 2-3/8” (60mm) O.D. vertical tenon. This feature empowers our customers by simplifying the installation and yielding a robust, sturdy connection between the pole and the lighting fixtures.

A standout design feature to look forward to is the Bullhorn's capacity to house three fixtures on its round, external mount horizontal tenons. This functional attribute not only magnifies the lighting reach but is also flexible, permitting precise horizontal adjustments. This fulfills your need for customized illumination settings, whether for widening the span of lighting paths or enhancing the focus on specific areas.

Made to the highest standards of quality synonymous with Factory LED Direct, the  Triple Bullhorn offers remarkable durability and a seamless integration with diverse lighting setups. This bracket fulfills your lighting requirements with impressive practicality, adaptability, and style.

When you opt for Factory LED Direct's 180° Triple Bullhorn, know that you are choosing more than just a product. You're investing in a trustworthy brand committed to quality, reliability, and most importantly, your satisfaction.

Let the 180° Triple Bullhorn transform your lighting solutions with finesse. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and long-lasting service we strive for at Factory LED Direct. Your needs light our way, and our goal is to illuminate yours with the best possible lighting solutions.