18W 4′ Direct Wire T8 LED Tube

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18W T8 Tube, 1200mm, 100-120VAC, 4000K or 5000K(2200lm), CLEAR or FROSTED LENS, DIRECT WIRE OR SINGLE END

25 tubes per carton *Please order in multiples of 25

18W 4' Direct Wire T8 LED Tube

Factory LED Direct's 18W 4' Direct Wire T8 LED Tube works without a ballast with both single and double ended power. Factory LED Direct offers affordable T8 LED replacement bulbs for energy savings and extended bulb life. With their all-glass construction, these LED tubes won't flicker or depreciate in color. These single-ended and double-ended power tubes can be wired directly to line voltage. These lamps generate less heat, decrease your energy consumption and eliminate future ballast problems—all of which help you save money. These LED T8 tubes are a great option for replacing fluorescent tubes in your office or retail spaces, hospitality environments, and other areas where lighting needs to be both efficient and cost-effective.

Available in 4000K and 5000K, Frosted and clear lense

• cULus, DLC certificates
• 4ft, T8 Tube; Al. + PC tube with Frosted, Clear ,or Stripe.
• 120° lighting, high CRI.
• Lifespan: 50,000 hours.
• Internal driver, input voltage 100-277VAC
• Easy Installation

Type B - Ballast BypassType B LED tubes require bypassing (or removing) the ballast and rewiring to line voltage. The advantage is eliminating the ballast reduces future maintenance costs. Ballast-bypass (UL Type B) LED linear light bulbs can be installed in compatible fluorescent lighting fixtures and do not require a ballast or driver to power the bulbs. They eliminate the risk of lighting outages due to faulty ballasts or drivers and avoid the expense of installing LED drivers when converting lighting systems from fluorescent technology to LED technology. Ballast-bypass LED linear light bulbs require the fixtures to be wired into the building's power supply, so they are not suitable for facilities that have frequent power surges. LED linear bulbs use less energy and need to be changed less often than fluorescent linear bulbs.



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