1×4 BackLit Panel-Wattage and CCT Adjustable


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1×4 BackLit Panel-Wattage and CCT Adjustable

The 1×4 BackLit Panel light can adjust the power and color temperature of the whole lamp, which is convenient and fast. The power and color temperature can be selected according to the actual needs of customers. For example, if I want 50W power and 4000K color temperature, you need to shift the dial code switch to the middle position of the switches. The Back-lit LED panel Lighting Series can be widely used for Indoor applications. Excellent for Offices, Hallways, Multipurpose
Rooms, Office Buildings, Conference Rooms, grocery stores, and many other applications.

This 1×4 LED Backlit Flat Panel is the perfect replacement for fluorescent troffers used in drop ceilings. Designed to fit in a conventional suspended grid ceilings for new construction or retrofit projects, LED flat panels will save you time and money. Perfect for areas where you need bright, even light such as schools, universities, offices, churches, game rooms and restaurants.

This 1×4 LED Backlit Flat Panel is easy to install, just wire the fixture and lift into place in the drop t-grid ceiling. The LED panel weights less and has a more compact design compared to fluorescent troffers which will save you time installing the fixture. The integrated LEDs mean you no longer have to change bulbs as the LEDs will last the life of the fixture. LEDs last 2-3 times longer than old fluorescent tubes and contain no harmful chemicals! Plus LED flat panels do not have a hinged door meaning no more dead bugs or debris in the lens!

  • Optical design of the 2×4 BackLit Panel has been greatly improved to perfect the light utilization and evenness.
  •  High efficiency LED Driver, voltage AC120-277.
  • UL 1598 suitable for damp locations,Type IC.
  •  Adjustable power and adjustable color temperature.
  • The 0-10V Dimming type is continuous.

Item: 14LPZ2534W27-3545K
Power:  25W/30W/40W/(Tunable )
Input: AC 120-277V
CCT:3500K/4000K/5000K (Tunable )
Output :2925Lm/3420Lm/4400Lm
Default wattage / CCT: 30W/4000K
Driver: Dimmable Driver
Package Size:48.9X8.27 X13.03  inch
Weight:  17.72LBS (4PCS)
Pallet size: 42x48x80inch     Qty:80pcs/20ctn
Total Wight: 385lbs

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