2-Light Integrated LED Indoor or Outdoor Aluminum Cylinder Wall Mount Sconce


LED Outdoor Wall Mount

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2-Light Integrated LED Indoor or Outdoor Aluminum Cylinder Wall Mount Sconce

This Sleek, modern 2-Light Integrated LED Indoor or Outdoor Aluminum Cylinder Wall Mount Sconce with a professional look. Encased in rounded cylindrical frame composed of high-quality aluminum, a corrosion-resistant material. Feel at ease with aluminum’s high resilience, lasting quality, and inability to rust like steel. Power-coated hard surface provides phenomenal long-lasting color and exceptional corrosion/scratch resistance. Conveniently suitable for wet, damp, and dry locations. Feel confident in your choice of elegant simplicity. Delight in clean, minimal, and solid color design that blends in seamlessly with surroundings and existing décor. Offers remarkable versatility for exterior and interior design. A stunning piece that imparts a fresh, rejuvenating, and open atmosphere both outside and within. Change up your exterior spaces with this look, or be unique—bring the outdoor look indoors. Open/uncovered bottom provides convenient access to light bulbs for quick and easy replacement and helps prevent accumulation of dust or pests. Go green and save big. Each energy efficient LED is environmentally friendly and requires substantially less electricity to maintain, passing down cost-cutting savings to you. Flawlessly and evenly finished in a cool, rich silver gray (grey). Modernize your spaces with this smart, bold piece. Feel confident in a quality product. Each integrated LED comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


Sturdy, Exquisite Construction
▪ Perfect Complement to Indoor or Outdoor
▪ Enjoy Rain or Shine—Conveniently Suitable for
Wet Locations
▪ 5-Year Limited Warranty on Each Integrated LED
(Included with Purchase)
▪ High-Quality, Corrosion-Resistant, and RustResistant Aluminum
▪ Go Green—Environmentally Friendly, EnergyEfficient Integrated LEDs
▪ Clean, Minimal, and Solid Color Design Blends in
Seamlessly with Surroundings and Existing Décor
▪ Open/Uncovered Bottom Helps Prevent
Accumulation of Dust or Pests
▪ Compatible with Flicker-Free TRIAC/ELV 5% (120V
AC Only) Dimmers
▪ Heat-Resistant Components Safely Withstand Up
to 15 Watts
▪ 2-Light Fixture (Integrated LEDs)
▪ Individually Inspected for Q

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