2′ Track Section (2-Circuit)

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2' Track Section (2-Circuit)

2' Track Section (2-Circuit) - A Harmonious Blend of Form and Function

Factory LED Direct is proud to present our 2 ft. 120V 2-Circuit/1-Neutral White Aluminum Linear Track System / Rail / Section, a pinnacle of modern lighting solutions. This meticulously designed product forms the backbone of an elegant, flexible, and high-performance indoor track lighting system.

Design Excellence and Material Integrity

Crafted from extruded aluminum, this track section not only boasts a clean, minimalistic design but also assures durability and corrosion resistance. The solid white finish complements an array of indoor environments, from residential to commercial spaces, blending seamlessly with existing décor. Aluminum’s notable resilience ensures lasting quality, free from the concerns of rust that afflict steel products.

Versatile Application

With dimensions tailored for simplicity and efficiency—height of 0.75 inches, width of 1.375 inches, and a 24-inch length—this track section is the perfect lighting solution for kitchens, living rooms, apartments, studios, bars, restaurants, and many other indoor settings. Tailored specifically for dry locations, its solid white finish and sleek design enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Uncompromised Performance

The electrical capacity of 20 amps per circuit (with a maximum of 40 amps) stands testament to its robust performance, capable of accommodating a diverse range of lighting demands. This track section is compatible with Volume Lighting 120V 2-Circuit/1-Neutral track heads, promoting an effortless integration with high-quality lighting fixtures.

Quality Assurance and Safety Certification

At Factory LED Direct, every product undergoes rigorous individual inspections to ensure it meets our high standards for quality. Additionally, this track section is cULus listed, affirming its compliance with safety standards and instilling confidence in its reliability and performance.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our 2' Track Section aligns with our mission to offer sustainable, efficient, and personalized lighting solutions. By choosing this product, you are investing in a versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing lighting infrastructure that promises not only to meet but exceed expectations.

Empower your indoor lighting with Factory LED Direct, where your satisfaction and the pursuit of lighting perfection are at the heart of everything we do.

2 ft. Linear Track Lighting Section


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