200 Watt Explosion Proof Light (B3 Series)

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200 Watt Explosion Proof Light (B3 Series)

Introducing the 200 Watt Explosion Proof Light from our renowned B3 Series, a powerhouse of illumination engineered with precision to ensure the ultimate in safety and resilience within the most demanding hazardous environments. With a commanding output of 28,000 lumens, this formidable luminaire is at the forefront of its class, offering an unrivaled intensity of light tailored to support a diverse array of applications while emphasizing our dedication to quality, efficiency, and above all, customer satisfaction.

Applications Tailored for the Light:

  • Ideal for expansive industrial sectors including petroleum processing, hazardous material storage, paint application facilities, and more.
  • Optimized for challenging environments like metal smelting operations, mining sites, aerospace manufacturing areas, and electrical power generation stations.
  • Seamlessly integrates into potentially volatile chemical plants, military installations, and any environment where preventing ignition is essential.

Exceptional Features:

  • Multi-Functionality: Whether the need is for focused task lighting or widespread area illumination, this light serves as a spotlight, floodlight, or wall pack, conforming to various lighting demands.
  • Built to Last: Constructed to operate reliably in areas where humidity, vapors, dust, and fluctuating temperatures are present.
  • Enhanced Brightness: Shines with an extraordinary 28,000 lumens, converting risky zones into well-lit and secure environments.

Warranty and Certification Excellence:

  • Supported by a robust 5-year warranty, reflecting our commitment to your long-term satisfaction.
  • Carries an impressive IP66 rating, symbolizing its superior capability to withstand harsh elements.

Superior Safety Ratings:

  • ATEX Certified: Exemplifies the highest safety standards, certified for use in explosive atmospheres across different zones for gas and dust.
  • IECEx Global Accreditation: Represents a trusted mark of safety for international use in explosive-risk areas.
  • UL844 Recognition: Ensures suitability for use in a broad spectrum of North American classified areas, providing peace of mind where it matters most.
  • Marine Readiness: Compliant with relevant UL and ABS standards, this lighting is adaptable for seafaring applications that demand the highest degree of safety.

At Factory LED Direct, we recognize the critical role that lighting plays in ensuring the safety and operational efficiency of facilities confronted with the threat of explosive hazards. The 200 Watt Explosion Proof Light (B3 Series) represents our steadfast commitment to providing advanced lighting solutions that meet the intricacies of our clients' needs. Engineered for stellar performance and unparalleled durability, this luminaire isn't just a piece of hardware—it's your partner in maintaining a safe, productive, and well-illuminated space in environments where safety is not just a priority, but a necessity.




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