200W AC/DC Power Supply Driver

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200W AC/DC Power Supply Driver (12V Output)

Introducing the well-crafted 200W AC/DC Power Supply Driver from Factory LED Direct, a testament to adaptability, durability, and efficiency. This model is more than a component; it's a foundation for reliable, superior performance across ample lighting applications.

Flexible AC Input:
The driver accommodates an AC input of 90-132Vac/180-246VAC, selectable by switch. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various power sources, providing a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Optimized Working Temperature:
The driver maintains its robust performance under a broad working temperature spectrum of -25~+70°C, ensuring reliable operation in diverse environmental conditions.

Safety Compliance:
Safety is a keystone of our brand promise, and our adherence to the UL62368-1 safety standard conveys that commitment. You can trust our drivers to deliver safe, consistent performance.

Surge Tolerance:
Equipped to withstand a 300Vac surge input for 5 seconds, this driver offers substantial protection against sudden power surge events, thereby safeguarding your lighting equipment investments.

Efficient Performance:
The driver operates with high efficiency, minimizing energy wastage and amplifying light output. Additionally, the no-load power consumption of <0.75W affirms our commitment to sustainable and efficient energy use.

Natural Cooling:
The driver's free air convection cooling system ensures optimized temperature management without the need for additional cooling resources, promoting efficiency and longevity.

Resilience to Vibration:
Having successfully withstood a 5G vibration test, this driver offers exceptional resilience to operational stress, lending reliability to your installations.

Altitude Compatibility:
With proven operation up to 5,000 meters, this driver provides the perfect solution for applications located in high-altitude areas.

Power-On Indicator:
An LED indicator for power on provides visual confirmation of operational status, enhancing ease of use.

Comprehensive Protection:
This driver is equipped with protections against short circuit, overload, overvoltage, and overtemperature. These safeguards contribute to operational stability and extended product life.

Reliable Warranty:
We stand by our products with the reassurance of a 3-year MEAN WELL warranty, underscoring our confidence in the product's lasting performance.

The 200W AC/DC Power Supply Driver from Factory LED Direct embodies our dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. We take pride in delivering products that contribute to your lighting vision, promoting both aesthetic and operational harmony. Trust Factory LED Direct with your lighting needs because your satisfaction is our illumination.

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