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250W Temporary Work light


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250W Temporary Work light Features:

• 360-degree beam angle. Uses integrated aluminum profile with air natural circulation ventilation design.
• Sturdy and durable plastic makes up the hardware component structure in the handle design. Lightweight
and convenient to improve the safety when using lamp;
• Constant current power supply, 6000V surge protection circuit to avoid the product being damaged by
surge current;
• Use of high performance fans to ensure the rated life of the lamp (only 450W);
• Long life span, more than 50,000 hours, reducing the times of replacements, saving time, money and
• Under the Same output luminous flux circumstances, save 60% – 65% of electrical energy, and reduce
energy costs lower than HID;
• Working ambient temperature rating is -25℃ to 50℃;
• Suitable for indoor open and closed fixtures; easy to install, a good replacement for traditional HID, MH
and HPS.Uses two sets of high performance fans to ensure the rated life of the lamp.

Temporary job site lights provide light in work areas where it would be impossible or impractical to install permanent lighting fixtures. Portable, hanging lighting provides a safe solution that is flexible and easy to manage in dangerous and confined spaces. Use in temporary indoor/outdoor lighting applications, such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, maintenance areas, and emergency service.Factory LED Direct’s 250W Temporary work lights are ideal for temporary lighting with a versatile and a durable design for indoor construction and job site applications, replacing HID and fluorescent lights. Designed with versatility in mind, the lights have a strong and durable construction with various mounting options. Our LED work lights last up to 5-times longer than HID lamps and have no warm-up time, delivering instant on with full light output and stable color. Our LED work lights consume up to 74% less energy than equivalent HID lamps while delivering same light output.

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