3-light Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan

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3-light Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan

Experience the perfect combination of classic style and superior function with the 3-Light Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan from Factory LED Direct. With our unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and meeting our customers' unique needs, we're proud to bring you a lighting solution that stands out in its reliability and aesthetic appeal.

Our 52-inch ceiling fan boasts a timeless antique bronze finish, an elegance that can effortlessly elevate any room's appearance. The fan's broad diameter ensures effective air circulation, significantly amplifying your living space's comfort and ambiance.

The centerpiece of this fixture is its distinguishing 3-light Sepia Glass Light Kit. Bathed in a warm, autumnal glow, the sepia glass disperses soft and inviting illumination, instantly transforming your room into a cozy and welcoming environment.

Our ceiling fan features a candelabra (E12) lamp type, giving it a touch of timeless elegance while ensuring optimum performance. With three lamps, each of a 40W capacity, you can count on ample illumination to brighten your surroundings sufficiently and tastefully.

A great appeal of this versatile fan is its 5-blade design, guaranteeing optimal air dispersion to cool your space during warm months and circulate heated air during cooler periods. The fan not only improves the comfort of your room but also its energy efficiency.

Each package comes complete with light bulbs, providing you with everything you need for hassle-free installation and quick enjoyment of your new lighting solution. We at Factory LED Direct understand that our customers value convenience, and we strive to make every interaction with our products as smooth as possible.

With the 3-light Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan, you don't merely illuminate your space - you add a touch of elegance and timeless charm. Trust in Factory LED Direct's extensive expertise as we guide you to lighting solutions that perfectly fit your needs and desires. Your satisfaction empowers our commitment to lighting your path towards a more radiant and comfortable living environment.


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