300 Watt Max LED Shoebox Light (Wattage Adjustable)

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200W/240W/300W Watt Adjustable – 5000K – 150lm/W – DLC Premium – 5 Year Warranty

300 Watt Max LED Shoebox Light (Wattage Adjustable)

Unveiling the 300 Watt Max LED Shoebox Light (Wattage Adjustable) - "200W/240W/300W- 5000K" – A Versatile, High-Performance Lighting Solution

Factory LED Direct is delighted to present the newly designed 300 Watt Max LED Shoebox Light with an adjustable wattage feature, suitable for a variety of applications. This modern lighting solution provides the flexibility to choose from 200W, 240W, or 300W settings and operates at a 5000K color temperature, offering bright, daylight-like illumination.

Enhanced Versatility for a Range of Applications

The LED Shoebox Light revolutionizes outdoor lighting by providing you with the power to control brightness. Its adjustable wattage feature enables you to tailor the light output to meet the unique needs of your outdoor space, whether it's a parking lot, a walkway, a sports venue, or a commercial area. The ability to switch between 200W, 240W, or 300W settings not only adds versatility but also enhances energy efficiency, allowing you to adapt the light to your precise requirements.

Superior Brightness and Clarity

Operating at a color temperature of 5000K, our LED Shoebox Light provides a clear, crisp light comparable to natural daylight. Regardless of your chosen wattage setting, you can expect consistently bright and high-quality illumination, ensuring optimal visibility and enhancing safety across your premises.

Powerful Energy Savings and Durability

Switching to our adjustable wattage LED Shoebox Light unlocks the potential for considerable energy savings compared to traditional lighting systems. Furthermore, our LED light provides exceptional durability with a remarkable lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. It necessitates minimal maintenance, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution for all outdoor spaces.

Reliable Customer Service and Support

At Factory LED Direct, we believe in delivering not just high-quality products, but also exceptional customer experience. From planning and product selection to installation support, our experienced team is here to provide expert guidance at every stage. We are committed to delivering lighting solutions that fulfill your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Invest in the flexible, energy-efficient, and potent 300 Watt Max LED Shoebox Light (Wattage Adjustable)  for your outdoor lighting requirements. Contact Factory LED Direct for more information about this highly adaptable lighting solution, meticulously crafted to meet your exact illumination needs.