320 Watt LED Grow Light


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• Specially designed for greenhouse and high-shed indoor plant lighting fixtures.
• Slim appearance, surface treatment anti-corrosion, pressure resistance and crack
• With a variety of different installation accessories, you can quickly and easily install
to suit your space.
• The aluminum profile is used for heat dissipation as a whole, and the heat
dissipation effect is good; Foldable to reduce volume.
• Long life-50,000 hours, dimmable.
• Using matching plant full spectrum, high color rendering index to restore the true
color of the object, low light attenuation.
• Widely used in greenhouse cultivation, gardening, fruit and vegetable greenhouses,
plant landscape and other fields.

This lamp can be used as a primary or
supplemental light source for almost
any type of indoor growing.
The light output has a very wide angle.
It will provide the greatest benefit
when mounted relatively close to the

320/600/800 watt LED Grow Light with
a full spectrum,
emphasizing the Blue and Red
wavelengths. Generally, this light
can replace up to a 800/1500
/2000 watt HPS lamp.


Specification Data Sheet

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