35 Watt 4′ Linear Fixture


These 4′ and 8′ fixtures are a great replacement for the old style florescent strip fixtures. With fixtures ranging from 23 watts to 70 watts and 4,000 Lumens to 10,500 Lumens, these are the perfect solution to replace your antiquated lighting sources. The 8′ foot fixtures are available contact us for a quote.

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35W 4′ Linear Fixture Description

Factory LED Direct’s 35W 4′ Linear Fixture LED strip light mounts to surfaces as part of new lighting installations or as replacements for fluorescent strip lights of the same size. They use significantly less energy than fluorescent fixtures and have built-in LED arrays so there are no light bulbs to install or replace. The 35 watt 4′ linear fixture is suitable for commercial, retail and institutional applications including gymnasiums, factories and warehouses. This light provides a clean look for commercial or architectural applications. You get the application versatility of a fluorescent fixture, with the eïffciency you expect from LED. Highly efficient, Factory LED Direct maximizes savings yet does so without compromising quality.The 4-ft. size is a common choice for lighting hotels, manufacturing plants, offices, and other commercial spaces. Strip lights are linear fixtures with a housing that’s slightly larger than the light bulb it holds.The 8-ft. size is typically used for lighting large areas in manufacturing and hospitality settings. Strip lights are linear fixtures with a housing that’s slightly larger than the light bulb it holds. The curved lens of these 23W 4′ Linear Fixture LED strip lights has a more gentle arc than a tube-style lens for a refined, upscale look. The lens spreads light over a wider area than a flat lens or lensless fixture. These fixtures are commonly used to light offices, retail spaces, and other customer-facing areas

  • Available for 4ft and 8ft as per applications
  • Surface mounting or Chain mounting for different applications
  • PIR Sensor and Emergency Battery support
  • Available in 23-70 Watts, Lumen Output from 3050-9400 LM
  • 35W 4′ Linear Fixture Voltage is 120-277V or 347/480V
  • Standard 0-10V dimming available,
  • Projected life span of 50,000 hrs
  • Comparable to T8 or T5HO
  • Operating temperature is -40℃ to 40℃(-40℉ to 104℉)
  • UL/cUL listed and DLC qualified
  • 5 Year Warranty


1/2” Knockouts-End Cap Wiring Knockouts on the 35 Watt 4′ Linear Fixture are designed for connecting multiple fixtures, to achieve 4ft, 8ft, 12ft length etc.

Emergency Battery- 8W 900lm 90min.

1/2” Knockouts- This 1/2” knockout can be designed for external PIR sensor, this allows for security and energy savings

Housing- Easy installation and lower maintenance, one-piece housing does not require additional accessories, more cost-effective

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