4′ 12W T8 Tube (Instant & Programmed Start)

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12 Watts – Type A – Dimmable   Sold in carton quantity of 25

4' 12W T8 Tube (Instant & Programmed Start)

The 4' 12W T8 Tube (Instant & Programmed Start) is a LED compatible replacement for linear fixtures with instant start ballasts. Unlike traditional fluorescent bulbs, T8 LED tubes use less energy and last much longer. In addition, T8 LED tubes emit very little heat, making them a safer and more efficient option for lighting. One of the most significant advantages of T8 LED tubes is that they can significantly reduce energy bills. You could save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill each year by switching to T8 LED tubes. There are two types of T8 LED lamps: ballast-compatible and ballast-bypass. Ballast-compatible, also known as plug-and-play lamps, can directly replace your existing fluorescent bulbs. In contrast, ballast-bypass lamps, also known as direct-wire lamps, do not require a ballast. Ballast-compatible T8 LED lamps are the most popular type and are the easiest to install. Ballast-bypass T8 LED lamps are a bit more complicated to install. Still, they are more energy-efficient since they don't require a ballast. T8 LED tubes are available in sizes ranging from 2 feet to 8 feet. The most popular size is the 4-foot T8 LED tube, which is the standard size for fluorescent bulbs.

Remove the existing T8 fluorescent and replace with DirecT8 Type A plug and play tubes. These tubes feature multiple ballast compatibility including Instant Start, Programmed Start, Rapid Start, and Dimmable ballasts.

Incan Watt Equiv.32
Beam Angle190
Case Pack25
Color Temp30k,35K,41K,50K
Energy StarNo
Base TypeMedium Bi Pin
Average Life50,000

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