Full Cutoff Adjustable Head-40 & 80 Watt


Adjustable head LED Full Cutoff Wall Pack   Dimmable 0-10v  5000k

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Full Cutoff Adjustable Head Description
Factory LED Direct’s Full Cutoff Adjustable Head Wall Pack fixtures are great replacements for outdoor, forward throw Metal Halide or Sodium Potassium bulbs. Our High Powered LED Rotatable Wall Pack Lights are great additions for poorly lit outdoor areas. They will replace anywhere from 150W to 275W HPS/MH and provide sufficient lumens in majority of applications.  Our LED Wall Packs are easy to install and operate and provide convenient features such as “Instant Start.” In addition to the above, our Rotatable Wall Packs have long life spans and are accompanied with a 5 year warranty. It combines the latest LED technology with 130lm/w brightness and a waterproof IP65 led driver. Ideal for replacing Metal Halide or HPS light fixtures. The Full Cutoff Adjustable Head Wall Pack features an adjustable led panel that can be rotated over 270in allowing the fixture to shine in the desired direction and illuminate your application. This Wall Pack is completely heat and resistant proof, withstanding temperatures from -4F to 113F ( -20C to 45C). Widely Used for Entrance Lighting, Courtyard Lighting, Industrial Lighting, and Other Outdoor Areas Where Lightning is Needed. This product has been DLC and UL listed, meaning it has been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories and has met their nationally recognized safety requirements.

  • Better Design– Angle the light exactly where you need it! No longer have to guess at which light to buy, you can easily rotate the light to push it all away from the building, all down, or find that perfect balance! The better choice in LED Wall Packs

Outdoor landscape lighting, wall lighting area etc…

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25 Watt, 40 Watt, 60 Watt, 80 Watt

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