40W Emergency Backup Battery Driver

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40 Watts – Rated Input Voltage: 100-347VAC – 90 Min Discharge Time – Self Testing – 5 Year Warranty

40W Emergency Backup Battery Driver

Factory LED Direct's 40W Emergency Backup Battery Driver is suited for 30W to 300W lamps with 0-1 0V dimming industrial lights. The emergency driver automatically provides backup battery power to LED UFO high bay drivers at a rated output voltage of 170 VDC. The internal lithium-ion battery provides backup light for a minimum of 90 minutes and has a 24 hours recharge time. The driver has a wide input voltage of 100-347 VAC. The constant wattage design maintains the output wattage even as the system voltage diminishes. The UL 924 Listed certification meets or exceeds specific safety and fire hazard codes required for commercial properties in the United States. Self-test using the switch on the driver or with an included RF test remote.

- Suit for 30W to 300W lamp with 0-10V dimming industrial lights.
- Used with LiFePO4 battery.
- 150-200VDC output.
- LED emergency converter that can transfer standard LED fitting into emergency LED fitting.
- Accessory test switch and charge indicator.

- UL Listed for wet locations.
- For use on a wide range of LED fittings to convert them from standard to emergency fitting.
- Output DC150-200V.
- Additional Relay that can control standard LED driver.
- Deep discharge protection.
- IP65 protection.
- Not intended for use in luminaries for high-risk task area lighting.