420 Watt LED Area Light/60000 Lumen +


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The 420 Watt LED Area Light OT series / shoe box/ street Light/ LED sports light , designed for commercial and industrial applications, providing cooler operating temperatures, brighter light and longer LED lifespan. The housing is made of die-casting aluminum alloy and utilizes external fins ensure greater heat dissipation. Anti-corrosion coating.


It features professional distribution for Parking lot and street light and for sports field lights. Anti-glare design, BUG Rating: U=0. Rotatable optics enables the fixture to get different direction of light distribution. The optional low glare shield blocks lights outside of the main beam, to have minimum impact on the total light output and lower the glare.



●Standard universal voltage (100-277Vac) input, 50/60Hz, 347-480V option.

●L90B10 test: 100000+hours @25℃.

●0-10V/ PWM/ Timer dimming, 3 Timer Modes, Dim-to-Off with Standby Power≤0.5W.

●High efficiency driver: up to  93.5%, minimum efficiency 87.5%.

●Input Surge Protection: 6kV line-line, 10kV line-earth.

●Photocell, PIR sensor, 20KV SPD available.

●Operating temperature rating of -40°C to 50°C(-40°F to 122°F)

420 Watt LED Area Light CONSTRUCTION

1. Super efficient heat dissipation layer

2. Light source: PCB board with LEDs

3. Die casting aluminum antibody main housing, IP66

4. Space for 5/7 pin receptacle upgradable for photocell sensor and smart systems

5. Tool free buckle to driver access panel

6. Optical grade rotatable PC lens Type III/IV /V

7. Top level 1-10V dimmable driver 100-277V, 347-480V optional

8. Tool free driver access panel with space reserved for occupancy sensor covered by removable cap fits with Watt stopper FSP sensor

9. Surge protection device

10. Bracket access panel for wiring

11. Exchangeable bracket fits round / square pole. Other brackets optional such as yoke, turn-on, etc

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