420 Watt Corn Lamp 130 Lumen/Watt


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A first of it’s kind, VERY HIGH WATT LED Corn Lamp.  Replaces a 1000 watt HID and produces up to 70000 lumen.

Lamp measures 6.6″ x 17″    Comes with Straps to aid in supporting the large size


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Features Description

1. 360-degree beam angle, using aluminum profile riveting and stamping aluminum combination to speed up heat dissipation

2. Sturdy and durable plastic component structure, embedded copper column nut fixed hook, with lanyard kit, Improve the safety when using lamps

3. Isolated constant current power supply, 6000V surge protection circuit to avoid the product being damaged by surge current

4. Use two sets of high performance fans to ensure the rated life of the lamp

5. Long life span, more than 50,000 hours, reducing the times of replacements, saving time, money and energy

6. Under the Same output luminous flux circumstances, save 60% -65% of electrical energy and reduce energy costs than HID

7. Working ambient temperature rating is -25 ℃ to 50 ℃ 8. Suitable for indoor open and closed fixtures; easy to install, a good replacement for traditional HID, MH and HPS

8.  Lamp comes with the EX39 Socket for better contact with center terminal.


High Wattage
70000 Lumen

420 watt Corn Lamp

Suspension Cables Supplied with each lamp

Additional information

Input Voltage

100-277v, 300-480V



Kelvin Temp


Quantity Price Break

Full Carton of 4 Units, No


Full data spec sheet   NS-ACL420W – 1000W HID _FLED