5′ Cooler Tubes

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5' Cooler Tubes

Our LED 5' Cooler Tubes are used in refrigerators to make illumination in a cool environment. 5' Cooler Tubes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These freezer tubes carrying benefits have prompted many commercial and industrial business owners to replace their fluorescent cooler tubes in the recent past. These 5ft LED freezer/cooler comes in T8 size and clear glass. This tube of 9W to 22W comes in 4000K color temperature and a CRI of more than 80. Our Tube allows its user excellent energy savings, a neutral white-day white light color glow, and more than the standard Color Rendering Index. Commercially these freezer tubes are used as the lighting enabled to improve the look of any food merchandise, that otherwise may look dull and unenticing. Factory LED Direct's LED Cooler and Freezer Lamps deliver crisp, bright light that creates attractive food and product displays in freezers and walk-in refrigerator cases. These Lamps consume less energy, offer a longer life and perform better than fluorescent tubes in cold temperatures, making them the ideal choice for lighting freezers, walk-in refrigerators and reach-in coolers. In addition to lowering monthly energy and maintenance costs, the LED lamps operate with less heat, helping to reduce the risk of food spoilage. Offered in a color temperature of 4000K the lamps deliver clean, bright light that enriches the colors of food to create more visually appealing displays.

IP 65

Available in .6 meter 9 Watt, .9 meter 13 Watt, 1.2 meter 18 Watt and 1.5 meter 22 Watt - lengths & Wattage

Input voltage AC85-265V   4000k Color

Easy installation.  Install clips, clip in tubes and connect power source

5' Cooler Tubes

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.6m 9W, .9m 13W, 1.2m 18W, 1.5m 22W


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