55W Square Garage light


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55W Square Garage light

The 55W Square Garage light has a traditional canopy light look design intended for outdoor ceiling mounted applications, combines the brightest 130lm/w above LED technology including IP65 LED driver LED driver and thermal management. high-performance illumination that lasts 50,000HRS, Its ideal for replacing 100- 250W metal halide, with typical energy savings of 80%.

55 Watt   7150 Lumen   5000k   White Housing    100-277v input Voltage


This LED Canopy combines a traditional square design with high-output LEDs to provide an energy-efficient, low maintenance fixture. LED Canopy Lights are perfect for Parking Facilities, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Stairway, Pathway, and Underpass Lighting Applications. The construction consist of an aluminum heat sink housing with powder coat paint. The lens is a Polycarbonate Lens. The LED board is highly conductive, waterproof, aging and salt mist resistance. LED standard parking garage lights project a bright, uniform light and reach full brightness instantly. They last longer and use significantly less energy than other standard parking garage lights. They also produce very little heat and can withstand temperature changes and humidity. These ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures have a height of 5″ or greater from the ceiling to the base of the fixture and are commonly used to retrofit existing parking garage lights.

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