6.6′ LED Strip Aluminum Channel w/ Frosted Lens(5-Pack)

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6.6' LED Strip Aluminum Channel w/ Frosted Lens(5-Pack)

Presenting our 6.6' LED Strip Aluminum Channel w/ Frosted Lens - an intelligently designed solution that revolutionizes the way you light up your spaces. This product encapsulates Factory LED Direct's dedication to provide you with the best possible lighting solutions. Each pack comes complete with five 6.6ft long aluminum channel segments covered with frosted lenses. The package also includes 24 end caps (12pcs without holes and 12pcs with holes), along with 50 screws to facilitate easy installation. Best of all, these channels can be conveniently cut to any length to fit your exact requirements. (Note: The package does not include LED strips.)

Designed for indoor decoration applications.. Effortlessly achieve under-cabinet and backsplash lighting, as well as accent and backlighting. Illuminate your living room, spruce up your kitchen, enhance your patio, showcase your bedroom, or brighten up the insides of your closet – all with these easy-to-install channels.

The inner width of the channel, at  0.79”, is a perfect fit for most LED strip types. Simply adhere the LED strip light's backing inside the aluminum channel and attach the diffuser cover. It's also compatible with waterproof LED strips or any other variants with a width of less 20mm and height 8mm.

The frosted lens covering, with its milky white hue, beautifully diffuses LED strip lights, rendering a soft and uniform glow that's perfect for decorative and accent lighting applications. Additionally, it ensures optimal heat dissipation from the LED strips while protecting them from dust, hair, and physical contact, adding longevity and maintenance-free operation. Explore the sophisticated illumination achievable with our 6.6' LED Strip Aluminum Channel w/ Frosted Lens – designed to deliver on simplicity, versatility, and lighting performance. Experience the Factory LED Direct commitment today – quality, efficiency, and exceptional customer service.