6″ Commercial Grade Downlight

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12/17/22 Watts – 1045/1484/1790 Lumens – ETL Listed, FCC, RoHS, CE & Energy Star Listed – 27/30/35/40/50K CCT Adjustable – 5 Year Warranty

6" Commercial Grade Downlight

Enhance your commercial spaces with the superior functionality and sustainability of Factory LED Direct’s 6" Commercial Grade Downlight. Designed to meet the diverse demands of commercial complexes, hospitality venues, healthcare institutions, schools, shopping centers, industrial areas, and hotels, this downlight brings a revolutionary approach to ambient lighting.

Advanced Construction: The downlight features a robust PC driver housing and an aluminum baffle with an architectural white finish, ensuring it not only performs well but also complements modern decor. A standard gasket is included to provide a proper seal that enhances its durability and performance efficiency.

Versatile Light Customization: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this downlight offers wattage and color tunability, adjustable between CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. This flexibility allows for precise ambiance control and eliminates the necessity to maintain different fixtures for varied color temperatures, simplifying inventory and enhancing your adaptive lighting strategy.

Optimized Energy Efficiency: Built with top-quality LED drivers, our downlight achieves remarkable energy savings — up to 80% more than traditional lamps. The minimal heat production significantly reduces the load on air conditioning systems, which further decreases energy costs. Optional emergency battery packs provide contingency solutions with continued efficiency during power outages.

Simple Installation Process: The inclusion of adjustable housing clips accommodates a wide range of commercial and architectural housings (from 6.0’’ to 7.4’’ or 153-190mm). These spring-action clips simplify the installation process, ensuring a secure fit and making it suitable for both retrofit and new construction requirements.

Advanced Dimming Capability: Experience seamless dimming from 0-10V, allowing adjustments from 5-100% for optimal light control and energy savings. This feature enhances the user experience by enabling customizable lighting levels to suit various requirements and time of day.

Longevity and Compliance: Enjoy a remarkable lifespan of 50,000 hours at L70, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, this downlight is ETL Listed, FCC, RoHS, CE, and Energy Star rated, confirming its compliance with the highest standards of safety and performance. Rated suitable for wet locations, it offers versatility across all indoor environments.

Energy and Certification Highlights:

  • Wattage: 12W/17W/22W
  • CRI: 96 for true color rendering
  • Beam Angle: 100º
  • Voltage: Universal 120V-277V
  • Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power Factor: >0.9

Provided with a 5-year limited warranty, the 6" Commercial Grade Downlight from Factory LED Direct ensures reliability and customer satisfaction, affirming our commitment to providing high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs. Incorporate this versatile lighting fixture into your space to benefit from its superior performance and sustainability.



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