6′ Track Section (2-Circuit)

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6' Track Section (2-Circuit)

6' Track Section (2-Circuit) - Optimize Your Lighting with Precision and Style

Introducing the epitome of advanced lighting infrastructure from Factory LED Direct - our 6 ft. 120V 2-Circuit/1-Neutral White Aluminum Linear Track System / Rail / Section. Designed with a profound commitment to meet the versatile demands of lighting, this product stands as a beacon of innovation, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in indoor illumination.

Craftsmanship and Longevity

Constructed with precision, our track section is made from extruded aluminum, ensuring not only a sleek and minimalistic design but also remarkable durability and resistance to corrosion. The solid white finish is thoughtfully applied to complement a diverse range of interior settings from residential spaces to professional settings, ensuring seamless integration with your décor. Aluminum’s natural robustness provides a guarantee against rust, ensuring a product with both visual appeal and longevity.

Versatile and Elegant Solution

Measuring an impressive length of 72 inches, and with a discreet height of 0.75 inches and width of 1.375 inches, this track section is perfectly suited to an expansive array of indoor environments. Whether it's for kitchens, living areas, commercial studios, or hospitality venues, its designed to thrive in dry location settings. The elegant white finish and clean lines will enhance and elevate the aesthetic of any space.

Enhanced Electrical Capacity

With an electrical capacity that accommodates 20 amps per circuit, this track section is engineered to support a wide spectrum of lighting requirements with a total of 40 amps of electrical capacity. Compatibility with Volume Lighting 120V 2-Circuit/1-Neutral track heads assures seamless integration with high-quality lighting components, providing a cohesive and comprehensive lighting solution.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

In alignment with Factory LED Direct’s dedication to superior product quality, each 6' track section undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure it meets our exemplary standards. Furthermore, being cULus listed, it exemplifies our commitment to safety and reliability, offering you peace of mind in its performance and durability.

Why Choose Factory LED Direct

Selecting our 6' Track Section signals an investment in a lighting solution that not only meets the immediate aesthetic and functional needs but also anticipates the evolving dynamics of space utilization. Factory LED Direct is at the forefront of delivering sustainable, efficient, and custom-tailored lighting solutions that stand the test of time.

Embark on a journey with Factory LED Direct, where your lighting needs are met with unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence. Your satisfaction and the transformation of your spaces are what drive us to deliver the best in lighting solutions.

2 ft. Linear Track Lighting Section


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