600W LED Stadium Light

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600 Watts – 85200 Lumens – 5000K – DLC Premium ROHS UL Certified – 5 Year Warranty

600W LED Stadium Light

Factory LED Direct's 600W LED Stadium Light can be widely used for Indoor & Outdoor (Wet Location) An Excellent Solution for Stadiums, Riding Arenas, Tennis Courts, Baseball, Football and Soccer Fields. Additional applications include: Docks, Shipyards, Airports and more.

New LED modules produce 142lm/w in a small space, reducing your energy consumption – while still providing ample lighting where you need it. This area light uses only Premium grade components to ensure superior performance and long life. A high-strength housing ensures that this stadium light will be durable enough for industrial applications

600 Watt LED provides 85200 lumens and is designed to replace a 1500-watt metal halide sports light. 5000K light color ensures bright, clear white illumination—perfect for sporting events!

This light is dimmable—and the level of brightness can be adjusted accordingly, so you can save energy while getting proper lighting. The flood mount bracket makes it easy to position in a variety of locations. Light can be used anywhere: on buildings, in sports fields, and on roadways.

UL certification and DLC verification (for safety, quality control, and rebates) are both important for customers. UL Listed and DLC PREMIUM verified for safety, quality, and rebates. UL Certified products ensure better quality, safety, and reliability. DLC is the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) for independent verification

● High Efficiency LED Driver, input voltage range AC120-277V
● Top brand LED high luminous efficiency and long life.
● Fin module design, better cooling, light quality, LED Tj < 85℃.
● Excellent optical design, great light utilization and evenness.

Power: 600W
Input: AC 277-480V
Output: 85200 LM

Excellent efficacy: ≥140lm/w.
Light Source: Lumileds
CABLE 3core,16AWG (1.0m)