60W-150W Selectable LED Shoebox Light

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60/90/120/150 Wattage Adjustable – 21021 Lumens – 4000/5000K CCT Adjustable – CUl DLC Premium Listed – 5 Year Warranty

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60W-150W Selectable LED Shoebox Light

Introducing the 60W-150W Selectable LED Shoebox Light. This innovative lighting fixture offers you full control to select the right power output to suit your needs – choose from 60W, 90W, 120W, or the highly powerful 150W. With an iinput range of AC 120-277V, this LED Shoebox Light is designed to function effectively and efficiently under a wide range of power conditions. The substantial lumen output of up to 21021LM ensures this fixture delivers unmatched brightness, making it a perfect pick for large open areas that require uniform, high-intensity light.

Our product uses Lumileds as the light source - a globally recognized brand known for its premium quality and unprecedented efficiency. Complementing this is the world-class SOSEN POWER driver, designed to ensure consistent, reliable, and long-lasting operation.Choose your ideal Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) - either a warm white 4000K or a cooler and vibrant 5000K to provide the perfect ambiance for your specific environment. Whether it is to illuminate wide parking lots, street areas, or outdoor sports complexes, this versatile light fixture is your adaptable partner for various lighting scenarios. Categorized as a T3 type of lighting, it offers a unique rectangular distribution pattern that provides excellent uniformity while minimizing glare. This design trait particularly aids in increasing security and visibility in the illuminated areas.

Experience the Factory LED Direct promise with this flexible LED Shoebox light - extraordinarily bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Recreate your space and pave the way to a brighter, more sustainable future. LED lighting excellence begins here.