60W Solar LED Street Light – 4000K

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60 Watts – 10200 Lumens – 4000K – CE RoHS – 3 Year Warranty

60W Solar LED Street Light - 4000K

Introducing the 60W Solar LED Street Light, a testament to the innovation and sustainability at the core of Factory LED Direct's offerings. Merging efficiency with a modern, all-in-one design, this street light is crafted to meet the diverse needs of urban infrastructures, community spaces, and residential areas alike.

Efficiency & Brightness Combined:
With an impressive 170 lumens per watt output, this Solar LED Street Light shines brighter, ensuring large areas are well-lit with a professional lighting distribution. Its 140°*70° beam angle is designed to cover more ground, creating safer, more inviting spaces at night.

Optimal Light Quality:
The light is engineered with a scientific optical lens, providing uniform, comfortable illumination that's easy on the eyes and anti-glare, enhancing the visual comfort of any space it illuminates.

Adjustable Solar Panel:
Understanding the importance of flexibility, the solar panel can be adjusted from 0~90°, to harness the maximum amount of sunlight regardless of the installation environment. This adaptability ensures efficient solar charging and optimal light performance year-round.

Customizable Lighting Modes:
Empowering you with control, this street light includes optional work modes accessible via remote control, allowing for customizable lighting times and brightness levels to suit various applications and preferences perfectly.

Advanced Solar Technology:
Featuring a Grade-A mono solar panel with a large surface area and over 21% conversion efficiency, encapsulated in durable laminated glass, this system is built for speedier charging times and a lifespan extending beyond 20 years.

Enhanced Battery Performance:
Equipped with a high-quality LiFePO4 battery pack, it boasts a large capacity and over 2000 charging cycles. Integrated over-charge and over-discharge protection ensures reliability and longevity, setting a new standard for safety and performance in the solar lighting market.

Robust Construction:
Constructed with an aluminum housing, the light is not only strong and durable but also designed to withstand harsh external elements. This durability reaffirms our commitment to providing long-lasting lighting solutions.

Superior LED Technology:
Utilizing top-level Dual-chip LEDs, the light offers higher efficiency and unprecedented brightness, making it a superior choice for areas requiring reliable, high-quality illumination.

Certified with an IP65 waterproof rating, this light promises consistent performance and resilience against environmental elements, ensuring reliability through all seasons.

At Factory LED Direct, we understand the importance of reliable, efficient, and sustainable lighting solutions. The 60W Solar LED Street Light is a prime example of this, fulfilling a range of lighting needs while offering the flexibility and superior performance expected by our clients. Whether it's illuminating streets, parking lots, or pathways, trust in the quality and innovation provided by Factory LED Direct to light the way forward.