65W Slim Canopy Light

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65 Watts – 8775 Lumens – 5000K – UL Listed DLC Premium – 5 Year Warranty

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65W Slim Canopy Light

Factory LED Direct's 65W Slim Canopy Light can be widely used as indoor or outdoor lighting (wet location). Ideal for museums, art galleries, parking garage, buildings, the lawn, industrial areas, residential areas, sidewalks, schools, Canopies, Entryways, Exterior Ceilings, Security Lighting and Parking Garages. LED standard canopy lights project a bright, uniform light and reach full brightness instantly. They use LED lamps, which last longer and use significantly less energy than wall packs with other lamp types, such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide. They also produce very little heat and can withstand temperature changes and humidity. These ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures have a height of 5" or greater from the ceiling to the base of the fixture and are commonly used to retrofit existing canopy lights.

Product Features:

● Lumileds LED, high luminous efficiency and long working life.

● High efficiency LED Driver, wide range input voltage AC120-277V;

● Die-cast aluminum design, better cooling, light quality, LED Tj < 85℃.

● Optical design, greatly improved the light utilization and evenness.

● Dimmable Control gear, Energy-saving, convenient and user-friendly

● Motion Sensor (Optional)

Structure Features:
Shell Materials: Aluminum & PC
Color: Dark Bronze
Additional Information:
Power: 65W
Input: AC 120-277V
CCT: 5000K

Warranty: 5 Years



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