660 Watt Grow Light

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660 Watt Grow Light Description-
Factory LED Direct's grow lights provide a bright and flexible rack lighting solution to maximizes the grow space and better quality, create the most advanced spectrum for plant growth, Whether growing cannabis, food or ornamental plants, the grow light was designed for single or multi-tier growers who want to optimize their grow space for the maximum crop yield while producing the highest quality crops. Their built-in LED arrays emit light in a range of color spectrums that optimize different stages of plant development (seedling growth, stem and leaf growth, and budding and flowering). LEDs use less energy than other lighting technologies and run cool so lights can be placed within inches of plants without causing wilt or burn. The lights are suspended from chains or cables to allow adjustment up or down to suit the height of the plants below. They are rated for wet locations to withstand high humidity and resist water sprays. Panels are commonly used as the base component of an installation and supplemented with smaller grow lights to get the necessary coverage. Grow lights are used in greenhouses, hydroponic gardening, vertical farming, farm-to-table and urban farming, agricultural research, and other indoor growth applications.

660 Watt Grow Light Advantages-
1. Full spectrum with enhanced red for full grows.
2. Efficacy is up to 2.7μmol/J.
3. Easy to install, just plug and play.
4. Uses UL certified driver designed and manufactured by Sosen;
5. Uses Samsung LM301b & Osram LED Chip.

Specification Data Sheet

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