660W Horticulture LED Grow Light

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660W Horticulture LED Grow Light

This super high-output Full Spectrum 660W Horticulture LED Grow Light produces full-spectrum white light that’s ideal for growing flowering plants. Its 1626 µmol/s light output matches or exceeds that of traditional 1000W DE HPS Grow Lights. It's low profile ladder design allows to be used in vertical grow configurations. It is passively cooled by its unique ladder design. It comes with a built-in dimming control knob and has remote dimming capability. ETL Listed with a 5-year warranty. This 660W foldable grow light fixture delivers the entire spectrum of light to your plants, giving them exactly what they need to grow big and beautiful. The Full Cycle Phase Spectrum will bring your plants to new heights with the best possible LED diodes available.The 660W horticulture model is a user friendly commercial grade fixture. We do not recommend this unit for inexperienced growers or tent applications. The 660W LED Full Spectrum Foldable Grow Light is designed as a high output fixture for commercial cultivations', emitting nearly the same PPF as a standard 1000w DE HPS fixture and lamp. We highly recommend that this grow light fixture be used in professional, environmentally controlled greenhouse that supplements CO2. Without using CO2, you may be introducing more illumination than your crop can process, which could possibly causing stunted growth or light damage.


  • Full spectrum with enhanced red for full cycle grows.
  • Samsung White Chip & Osram Red Chip.
  • Efficiency is up to 2.48 μmol/J.
  • Easy Install, Plug and Play.



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