750W AC/DC Power Supply

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750W AC/DC Power Supply

Maximize Efficiency with the 750W AC/DC Power Supply: Powering Your Applications Securely

At Factory LED Direct, we understand the importance of a reliable power source in sustaining your lighting solutions. Our latest offering, the 750W AC/DC Power Supply, is crafted to meet the rigors of diverse operational demands while ensuring your lighting operates at its peak.

Key Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: Adaptable to a wide AC input range of 90~264Vac, this power supply ensures compatibility with varying power grids, enhancing its usability across different regions and applications.
  • Output Voltage: With a stable 24Vdc output, it facilitates a steady electrical current, essential for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your LED lighting systems.
  • Output Max Current: Delivering up to 31.3 Amps, this unit can support even the most demanding lighting installations without faltering.
  • Max Power: Harness a formidable 751 Watts of power, providing you with ample supply to cater to extensive lighting networks.

Advanced Features for Superior Performance:

  • Operating Temperature Versatility: Durably constructed to operate within a temperature range of -30~+70°C, this power unit adapts to various environmental conditions with outstanding reliability.
  • Highest Safety Standards: With certifications like UL 62368-1 & TUV EN 62368-1, this power supply not only meets but surpasses safety requirements, assuring you of its impeccable design and safety.
  • Auxiliary and Cooling Functions: The inclusion of a built-in 12V auxiliary power and forced air cooling through a DC fan with variable speed control ensures your power supply remains operational and efficient under all circumstances.
  • Intelligent Controls: Featuring remote On/Off control, a DC OK signal, and a remote sense function, this power supply centralizes control, offering ease of operation and integration with existing systems.
  • Voltage and Current Flexibility: Adjusting the output voltage and current is seamless, thanks to the external DC control signal capabilities, ensuring your power supply adapts to your precise requirements.
  • Comprehensive Protections: With built-in mechanisms to protect against overload, short circuit, over voltage, over temperature, and fan alarms, your investment is safeguarded under all conditions.

Our Commitment to You:

The 750W AC/DC Power Supply is covered by a 5-year MEAN WELL warranty, reflecting our confidence in its performance and our commitment to providing you with quality, long-lasting products.

Choose Factory LED Direct for this powerhouse of stability and versatility, and illuminate your spaces with confidence, backed by our pledge of excellence and dedicated customer support.


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