8′ Premium Linear Strip (CCT & Watt Tunable)

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60/70/80 Wattage Adjustable – 9000, 10500, 12000 Lumens – 3500K, 4000K, 5000K CCT Adjustable – DLC Premium – 7 Year Warranty


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8' Premium Linear Strip (CCT & Watt Tunable)

At Factory LED Direct, we understand the importance of creating a well-lit environment that's both functional and adaptable. Thus, we are excited to offer the 8' Premium Linear Strip as a robust lighting solution designed to accommodate a diverse array of indoor applications.

Applications That Shine

Engineered for excellence, our Premium Linear Strip excels in environments requiring dependable and expansive coverage. Whether it's illuminating gymnasiums, warehouses, manufacturing floors, packaging areas, storage spaces, aisles, work-stations, or covered decks, this luminaire seamlessly integrates into spaces with ceiling heights up to 25 feet, creating a bright and productive atmosphere.

Constructed with Integrity

This luminaire is methodically constructed from an aluminum sheet housing with a durable semi-gloss coating to protect against corrosion, discoloration, and scratching, ensuring a lasting aesthetic appeal. Rigorously tested, it holds a Damp Location rating, signifying its resilience in various environments.

Electrical Efficiency and Versatility

Catering to your specific lighting needs, this premium luminaire features 120-277V models with 0-10V Continuous Dimming capabilities. Our unique CCT tunable options range from warm-white (3500K) to cool-white (5000K), coupled with wattage flexibility (60W, 70W, 80W), providing you with precise control over your lighting experience. Additionally, it is designed to operate flawlessly in a broad temperature range of -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C), thereby ensuring consistent performance.

Mounting Options to Meet Your Space

Our standard surface mounting offers a streamlined look, while optional 10-FT Aircraft Cables allow for versatile hanging installations, accommodating various architectural designs and preferences.

Optics with Visual Comfort

To maximize visual comfort, each fixture is equipped with an anti-UV Frosted Polycarbonate Lens, reducing harsh glares and distributing light evenly, which is essential for workspace efficiency and well-being.

Intelligent Controls for Ultimate Convenience

The 8' Premium Linear Strip can be enhanced through smart, intuitive controls—fixture-mounted Microwave Sensing, PIR Sensors, or Bluetooth with Daylight Priority are available, ensuring that light levels are optimal, energy is conserved, and the lighting environment is responsive to your needs. Remote control functionality offers additional ease of use and accessibility.


Preparedness is a cornerstone of our product design, which is why we include the option of a 90-Minute Emergency Backup Battery LED Driver, guaranteeing continuity during power interruptions.

Certifications and Assurance

For your peace of mind, this product comes DLC Premium listed and UL certified, aligned with stringent US and Canadian standards, and complies with FCC and RoHS regulations. All these measures demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality and safety.

Backed by our Pledge

Confidence in our product is reflected through an industry-leading 7-year exclusive limited warranty, reaffirming our dedication to your satisfaction and trust in our service and offerings.

Factory LED Direct’s 8' Premium Linear Strip is more than just efficient lighting—it's a testament to our relentless pursuit of blending quality, technological sophistication, and customer-centered innovation. Partner with us to brighten your space with confidence and elegance.

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