8′ Vapor Tight CCT & Watt Adjustable

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60/75/90 Wattage Adjustable – 8100/10125/12150 Lumens – 35/40/50K CCT Adjustable – DLC Premium listed. UL certified to meet US and Canadian standards. FCC and RoHS compliant. – 7 Year Warranty

8' Vapor Tight CCT & Watt Adjustable

8' Vapor Tight CCT & Watt Adjustable: High-Performance LED Solution

Introducing our state-of-the-art 8' Vapor Tight CCT & Watt Adjustable LED fixture, designed for premium indoor applications requiring robust, versatile lighting. Merging efficiency with adaptability, this fixture is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of diverse environments, from gymnasiums and warehouses to manufacturing facilities and covered decks.

Optimized for Versatility and Performance:
Our LED Vapor Tight fixture comes equipped with innovative features that allow for an unparalleled lighting experience:

  • Max Power & Adjustable Settings: Boasting a maximum wattage of 90W, it offers three selectable wattages alongside three color temperatures (3500K, 4000K, 5000K), empowering you to tailor your lighting environment to your exact needs.
  • Exceptional Efficiency: With an impressive output of 135 lumens per watt, it ensures bright, high-quality lighting that's both potent and energy-efficient.
  • Dimmable & Smart Connectivity: Enhanced with 0-10V continuous dimming capabilities and smart AUX input for expanded control and integration.

Durably Constructed for Challenging Environments:
Crafted with injection-molded polycarbonate and reinforced with stainless steel clips, this fixture is built to withstand corrosion, discoloration, and the challenges of wet locations. Its anti-UV frosted polycarbonate lens and wet location rating underscore its suitability for demanding environments.

User-Centric Design & Installation:
Designed with versatility in mind, it can be easily hung or surface-mounted in ceiling spaces up to 25 feet, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Standard aluminum surface mount clips ensure a secure and straightforward installation process.

Advanced Control Options:
Elevate your lighting system with optional advanced controls:

  • Integrated Sensors: Choose between fixture-mounted microwave or PIR sensors, or opt for Bluetooth connectivity with Daylight Priority for automated lighting adjustments.
  • Remote Control: Achieve seamless control over your lighting preferences remotely, enhancing convenience and user experience.

Emergency Ready:
For added peace of mind, an optional 90-minute emergency backup battery LED driver is available, ensuring continuous operation during power outages.

Quality Assurance & Compliance:
Our commitment to quality and safety is reflected in our DLC Premium listing and UL certification, meeting both US and Canadian standards. FCC and RoHS compliant, this fixture represents the pinnacle of lighting technology, backed by an exclusive 7-year limited warranty.

Elevate your lighting with our 8' Vapor Tight CCT & Watt Adjustable LED fixture, designed for longevity, adaptability, and unparalleled performance. Welcome to the future of lighting solutions, where durability meets state-of-the-art functionality.