90 Degree Spoke Adapter

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90 Degree Spoke Adapter

Presenting Factory LED Direct's 90 Degree Spoke Adapter, an expertly engineered accessory designed to elevate the effectiveness and versatility of your light poles. Articulating the brand's commitment to providing tailored lighting solutions, this product perfectly embodies quality, efficiency, and customer-centric design.

Our 90 Degree Spoke Adapter constitutes a key structural element accommodating dual light fixtures on a single light pole. This adapter, with its 90-degree angular design, allows fixtures to diverge in two different directions. As a result, it amplifies lay light dispersion and maximizes coverage, ensuring your spaces are thoroughly and evenly lit.

Manufactured from robust, superior quality material, this adapter exhibits an extraordinary level of durability and resilience. It's impeccably constructed to withstand varying weather conditions, offering assured longevity that matches the performance of your light poles themselves.

The 90 Degree Spoke Adapter not only broadens the lighting scope but also integrates seamlessly with existing pole structures. Its design encourages non-intrusive, uncomplicated installation, illustrating our brand's emphasis on customer convenience.

Finished in a variety of hues, it allows you a choice in aesthetics, harmonizing with your existing landscape or urban lighting design. Its streamlined appearance subtly enhances your lighting system's overall aesthetic, embodying an elegant simplicity that complements any decor type.

The Spoke Adapter is an excellent example of Factory LED Direct's commitment to providing solutions that suit individual customer needs. It addresses both functional and visual requirements, enhancing your lighting system's effectiveness while radiating quiet sophistication.

Choose Factory LED Direct's 90 Degree Spoke Adapter for a balance of technical excellence and sleek design in your lighting solutions. At Factory LED Direct, we hold the needs of our customers paramount, endeavoring to provide tailored products that match your ideal vision for lighting, precision-engineered for your satisfaction.