90° Quad Bullhorn

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90° Quad Bullhorn

90° Quad Bullhorn: Expanding Possibilities for Illumination with Superior Flexibility and Stability

Continuing our commitment to enhancing lighting solutions, Factory LED Direct proudly presents the Quad Bullhorn. With a keen focus on superior quality, efficiency, and personalized adjustments, this product redefines what one can expect from a lighting fixture bracket.

Our 90° Quad Bullhorn is prudently designed to mount over a 2-3/8” (60mm) O.D. vertical tenon. This essential fixture harnesses the power of accommodating four fixtures onto the round external mount horizontal tenons, offering an impressive capability and space utilization.

A key distinctive attribute of our Quad Bullhorn bracket is its ability for horizontal adjustments. As a component of a lighting system, the flexibility to adjust fixtures horizontally ensures you have versatile lighting control, matching perfectly to your specific needs and preferences.

In line with the Factory LED Direct's stringent quality norms, the Quad Bullhorn is built to last and helps extend the overall lifespan of your lighting infrastructure. By valuing durability as much as functionality, we ensure you get to enjoy a seamless, efficient lighting experience over extended periods.

Selecting Factory LED Direct’s 90° Quad Bullhorn is more than an investment in a superior bracket. It’s a choice to embrace a firm that holds your needs at the heart of its operations, where meeting and exceeding your requirements is our key commitment.

Let the 90° Quad Bullhorn be the cornerstone of your enhanced lighting setup. Trust Factory LED Direct to deliver tailor-made, high-quality, and sustainable lighting solutions, guided always by knowledgeable expertise, trustworthy service, and a steadfast focus on your satisfaction.

90° Quad Bullhorn