97 Watt UFO High Bay


The Factory LED Direct Series of Circular High Bay is designed for use in high-end industrial environments as an economical replacement for for 150W-400W Metal Halide high bays. This powerful light-engines produce as much as 25,000 lumens with sealed die-cast housing for indoor and outdoor applications and provides superior CRI compared to High Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS). Common Applications: industrial fabrication, assembly and warehouse lighting, high bay and low bay applications, and indoor sports lighting.

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97 Watt UFO High Bay

The Factory LED Direct 97 Watt UFO High Bay is perfect for warehouse lighting, workshop lighting, factory lighting, tunnel lighting, supermarket lighting, big-box retail lighting, and more—this compact LED high-bay light shines brightly when reliability and performance are critical. Using powerful LEDs, the high-bays emits between 13,000 – 25,000 lumens of bright 5000K illumination. The 90-watt LED light is comparable to a 250-watt metal-halide (MH) fixture, and the 180 Watt high bay is equivalent to a 500 watt Metal Halide. With a life expectancy that’s 10 Years with normal use. Our LED Line of High Bays light reduces costly repairs and the need for replacements. The powder coated, die cast aluminum light is weatherproof and rust resistant with an integral LED-cooling heat sink and a polycarbonate lens. This LED high-bay light is equipped with a Mean Well constant-current driver and operates within a wide 100-277 VAC range. There are Several different lines of high bays that we offer, or our UFO style that looks more like your traditional Metal Halide High Bay.


  •  13,000- 25,000 lumens
  •  CCT: 5000K; 70CRI
  •  Operating Temperature: -40°C to +55°C
  •  Input Voltage: 120V-277V, 347-480V
  •  Constant current driver efficiency > 90%
  •  Efficacy: Up to 137 lumens per watt
  •  Precision die-cast Aluminum housing with stainless steel fasteners
  •  Mounting: Hook and cord, ¾” threaded opening
  •  5-year limited warranty


  •  DLC Premium qualification maximizes available rebate incentives
  •  Powerfully productive light for mounting heights of 30? or higher
  •  Ultra-long robust life of 100,000 hours at 130°F (55°C)
  •  Low profile design allows for usage in High Bay, Low Bay and Aisle configurations
  •  Flexible secondary optics for flat bottom, aluminum reflector, prismatic reflectors and lens options
  •  Rugged construction allows for use in punishing environments
  •  Uses fewer luminaries per area due to high efficiency
  •  Black, Dark Bronze and White finishes available to suit customer design


  •  Industrial Fabrication
  •  Assembly
  •  Warehouse Lighting
  •  High Bay
  •  Low Bay
  •  Gymnasium

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