Arm Mount

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Arm Mount

Illuminate your outdoor spaces more efficiently with our robust and functional Arm Mount. Crafted for both 4" and 5" square and round poles, this well-designed accessory from Factory LED Direct enhances the versatility of your lighting setup, making it an ideal choice for commercial, residential, or public areas.

Our Arm Mount integrates seamlessly into your existing lighting system, adding versatility and ease of use. It is expertly designed to facilitate retro installations, allowing for an effortless integration with pre-existing pole structures. This means you can upgrade or retrofit your outdoor lighting without the need to invest in new poles, making it a cost-effective and resource-saving solution.

At the heart of our  Mount is its simplicity. The straightforward design and installation process remove unnecessary complications, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. While it is robust and durable, the Arm Mount doesn't compromise on aesthetics, offering a clean, professional appearance ideal for any modern setting.

But it's not just about smart design; at Factory LED Direct, we understand that quality is critical. That's why our Mount is constructed using high-grade materials that withstand the challenges of outdoor environments, guaranteeing years of dependable service.

In addition, the innovative design ensures the Mount accommodates diverse lighting needs. Whether augmenting street corner lighting, enhancing the security setup around a commercial building, or maximizing illumination in a public park, this Arm Mount provides an adaptable solution for any lighting application.

Every product we offer reiterates Factory LED Direct's commitment to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and quality. With the Arm Mount, you have an indispensable partner helping ensure your outdoor lighting performs at its optimal potential. Experience the difference a purposeful design and superior quality can make to your outdoor lighting needs with our Arm Mount today.

Arm Mount