Black Adjustable Small Continental/Step Cylinder Track Head

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Black Adjustable Small Continental/Step Cylinder Track Head

Introducing our Black Adjustable Small Continental/Step Cylinder Track Head - a sophisticated and efficient lighting solution designed for those who value both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. With an elegant black finish, this track head complements any indoor setting, adding a touch of sophistication while providing exceptional versatility in lighting direction and intensity.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Perfectly sized with an 8.5-inch depth and width, coupled with a compact 4-inch height, this track head fits seamlessly into a variety of spaces without overwhelming your decor.
  • Adjustability: Engineered for precision, it offers an impressive up to 90° tilt from the vertical axis and a full 355° rotation around the vertical axis. This ensures that you can direct light exactly where it's needed, tailoring the illumination to suit any task or mood.
  • Compatibility & Compliance: Fully LED compatible, this track head facilitates the adoption of energy-efficient lighting solutions, enhancing both environmental sustainability and operational cost savings. It proudly meets RoHS compliance, assuring you of its commitment to environmental and health standards.
  • Ease of Installation: Including all necessary hardware, its setup is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. It is geared for hard-wired installation and weighs a mere 0.75 lb, making it easy to handle and adjust as needed.
  • Aesthetic Integration: The black finish ensures it integrates unobtrusively with your existing decor, offering a polished and cohesive look. The shade, also in black, enhances the fixture's sleek and modern appeal.
  • Specifications: It supports a maximum bulb wattage of 50W, providing bright yet ambient lighting. Ideal for dry locations, this track head is well-suited for a wide range of indoor settings, from residential to commercial spaces.

Why Opt for This Product?

At Factory LED Direct, we believe that lighting should not only serve to illuminate your space but also to enrich it. The Black Adjustable Small Continental/Step Cylinder Track Head reflects this philosophy, combining elegant design with functional excellence. It is confidently returnable within 90 days, a testament to our belief in its quality and our dedication to your satisfaction.

Whether you aim to highlight architectural features, artwork, or simply to enhance the ambiance of a room, this track head offers the flexibility, efficiency, and style you need. Opt for a lighting solution that mirrors your commitment to quality and efficiency. Choose our Black Adjustable Small Continental/Step Cylinder Track Head.


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