Cast Aluminum Exit Sign

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4.8V long life, maintenance-free, rechargeable NiCd battery – UL Listed – 5 Year Warranty

Cast Aluminum Exit Sign

Die-cast aluminum exit signs offer attractive aesthetics ideal for architectural and commercial applications. This cost-effective design offers simple installation coupled with a sleek premium look. Face plates feature concealed snap out directional chevrons that can easily be configured in the field for quick custom installation. Each exit sign comes with dual-voltage input for 120V or 277V AC operation. Our cast aluminum exit signs are available with 90 minute emergency backup battery or as cost saving AC only units. An efficient cast aluminum Exit Sign that is architecturally pleasing.  Faceplate includes knock-out left and right directional arrows.  Works on either 120 or 277 VAC.  Allows for both top or lateral mounting.  lighted exit signs mark exits and passages toward exits to guide people out of dry, nonhazardous locations such as schools, offices, and commercial buildings. They mount near exit route doors and doorways and hardwire into an electrical system that keeps them lit for visibility. Signs with battery backup switch to their battery during a power outage. Signs without battery backup are commonly used in buildings with emergency systems that supply power during an outage. All signs have universal arrow or chevron knockouts that can be set up at the point of installation to indicate the direction of travel to the nearest exit if the path is not immediately apparent. Local safety codes may require that lighted emergency exit signs be made of a specific material and have lettering and graphics of a specific color, size, and arrangement. Aluminum lighted exit signs provide a more upscale look than plastic and steel for marking exits in high-end commercial environments. They are a more cost-effective and corrosion-resistant alternative to steel signs in installations where local safety codes don't require steel housings.

  • UL 924, NEC and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • Listed for damp location
  • Universal 120/277 VAC operation
  • LED Energy savings
  • Universal canopy included
  • Spec grade cast aluminum housing
  • Universal knock-out chevrons
  • Push-to-test switch
  • Charge rate / power on LED indicator light
  • Aluminum face with black housing is standard.
  • illumination is achieved by use long-lasting, efficient ultra-bright red or green LEDs. Color-matched diffuser eliminates hots spots and striations, providing optimal light output.
  • Upon failure of the normal utility power, an internal solid-state transfer switch automatically provides uninterrupted emergency operation for at least 90 minutes. The fully automatic solid-state, two-rate charger initiates battery charging to recharge a discharged battery in 24 hours.
  • Unit continuously monitors the AC power, battery supply voltage, emergency lamp condition and charging circuit. If failure is detected, the indicator will show status and correct when adjusted. Unit will automatically perform NFPA required monthly and annual testing. Refer to user manual for details.
  • Dual voltage input 120/277 VAC operation. LED display indicates AC/ON. An external push button test switch with battery backup units allows maintenance personnel to quickly determine the operational status of the unit. Unit offers surge protected, solid state circuitry.


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