COB Flexible LED Strip 24V (Bright White)

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480 LEDs per reel.    16.4′ or 5 Meters per reel.   9 Watts per Meter = 45 Watts per full reel – 8MM – IP20



COB Flexible LED Strip 24V (Bright White)

Introducing our COB Flexible LED Strip 24V in Bright White, a premium lighting solution meticulously designed for our discerning customers at Factory LED Direct. This product stands as a beacon of our dedication to blending quality, efficiency, and sustainability in the field of advanced lighting solutions.

Exceptional Quality of Light
Utilizing the latest in Chip-on-Board (COB) technology, this flexible LED strip is packed with densely positioned LEDs, offering a powerful yet evenly balanced light that efficiently minimizes heat generation. The Bright White variant shines with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 80/90, ensuring that the true essence and vibrancy of colors in your space are accurately captured and enhanced.

Seamlessly Integrated Aesthetics
Engineered to eliminate the common issue of visible dots or hotspots, our COB LED Strip Light is especially fitting for environments with reflective surfaces, such as polished countertops and gleaming floors, providing a continuous and uniform light output. This design excellence brings forth an uninterrupted aesthetic appeal, critical for creating visually comfortable and appealing spaces.

Designed for Flexibility and Elegance
The strip's mere 8mm width and ability to cast a broad 180-degree beam angle underscore its enhanced flexibility and suitability for snug installations. Without the necessity for additional diffusers, this product ensures direct, focused illumination for areas demanding discreet yet effective lighting solutions, including under-cabinet lighting, display backlighting, and toe-kick lighting.

Broad Application Spectrum
The Bright White COB Flexible LED Strip extends beyond merely functional lighting, notably improving the ambiance across an array of settings. From retail outlets, stages, and theaters to the external aspects of buildings and interior design features like cove lighting and display cases, this lighting solution guarantees that environments are not only illuminated but are also inviting and lively.

Efficiency Meets Safety
Powered by a 24V system, this LED strip amalgamates top-tier efficiency with uncompromised safety, embodying the ideal choice for those who prioritize a blend of aesthetic and functional merits in lighting. It caters to a wide range of lighting needs, ensuring both reliability and a captivating white brightness that enriches every application area.

At Factory LED Direct, our mission is to brighten your world with innovative, eco-friendly, and top-quality lighting solutions. The COB Flexible LED Strip 24V (Bright White) is a reflection of our commitment to offering unparalleled quality, efficiency, and personalized service, making sure your lighting requirements are met with utmost precision and dedication.

Length: 5M(16.4′)/roll

Cutting Unit: 50mm(1.968′′)

LED Height: 1.2mm(0.047′′)

Mounting: 3M tape

Min. Bend Diameter: Φ60mm(2.362′′)

IP Rate: IP20



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