Dimmable PAR16 Lamp

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Dimmable PAR16 Lamp

The Dimmable PAR16 Lamp has a reflective inner surface and direct light through the top of the bulb to increase the bulb's light output and shape the beam of light. Spot light bulbs provide a focused beam for general area lighting or accent lighting. Flood light bulbs provide a wide beam for bathing large areas in light. Spot, reflector, and flood light bulbs are used in fixtures such as recessed ceiling lights, track lighting, and security lighting.Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) light bulbs produce a narrower beam of light than R or BR light bulbs and are typically used for indoor and outdoor accent lighting. The bulbs are used for highlighting flagpoles or building facades, interior track lighting, illuminating walls, security lighting, stage lighting, and sign lighting.

Ideal for dimmable PAR16 flood and spot applications. Not for use in totally enclosed fixtures.
✚ Track Lights
✚ Recessed Downlights
✚ Display Lights
✚ Outdoor fixtures that protect from elements

• Smooth, uniform dimming from 100% to 5%
• Energy Efficient: Up to 80% less energy than halogen alternatives
• Exceeds all industry performance requirements.
• Long life: Designed for 25,000 hours (lasts at least 12 times longer than alternative)
• Very Durable: Solid state lighting technology significantly reduces lighting service & maintenance due to robust lighting design. Shatter resistant.
• Very low heat generation – excellent for sensitive display lighting.
• Excellent Color consistency and high color rendering (CRI).




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