Double-Sided Edge-Lit Emergency Light (Green)

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4 Watt Max – UL Listed – Double Sided Display – Battery Backup Included – 2 Year Warranty

Double-Sided Edge-Lit Emergency Light (Green)

Factory LED Direct's Double-Sided Edge-Lit Emergency Light (Green) conforms with US Standards. The injection-molded flame retardant high-impact thermoplastic housing provides long-lasting durability. 120V/277V AC universal voltage-rated product. This exit sign is ideal for use on doorways, walkways, and other areas of high traffic. The LED Emergency Light is designed to meet UL924 requirements and is certified by ETL. This exit sign features a rugged thermoplastic housing, an internal battery backup power source, and a high-impact injection molded lens.

Edge-lit exit signs spread light uniformly across their face to optimize visibility for marking exits and passages toward exits to guide people out of buildings. Their slim housing has a more upscale look than typical box-style exit signs, making edge-lit signs a preferred choice for hotels, conference rooms, and offices with high-end furnishings and finishes. They mount near exit route doors and doorways and hardwire into an electrical system that keeps them lit for visibility. Signs with battery backup switch to their battery during a power outage. Signs without battery backup are commonly used in buildings with emergency systems that supply power during an outage. The included arrows or chevrons attach to the signs to indicate the direction of travel to the nearest exit if the path is not immediately apparent. Local safety codes may require that lighted emergency exit signs be made of a specific material and have lettering and graphics of a specific color, size, and arrangement.

  • Power Consumption :4 W Max
  • Working Voltage: 120-347V   50Hz / 60Hz
  • Output Wattage: 2W Max
  • Battery:8V
  • Recharge Time:24 Hours
  • Emergency Duration: ≥90 Mins
  • Working Temperature :0ºC ~ 40ºC
  • Warranty: 2 years