Double Spoke Adapter

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Double Spoke Adapter

Double Spoke Adapter: Precision, Flexibility, and Efficiency Merged

As a leader in sustainable lighting solutions, Factory LED Direct proudly introduces our distinguished Double Spoke Adapter, incorporating high-grade materials and innovation in a single product. This bracket exemplifies our commitment to quality, function, and aesthetics, reinforcing your trust in our dedication to meeting your unique lighting needs.

Our Double Spoke Adapter is meticulously engineered from sturdy steel, assuring you of its durability and long-lasting performance. A standout feature of this bracket is the 2-1/2 inch interior diameter of its bottom portion. This design nuance permits it to slip over any 2-3/8” tenon, irrespective of the pole's shape, embracing an overarching principle of our brand - uncompromised versatility.

Each arm exhibits an exterior diameter of 2-3/8”, flawlessly accommodating any light fixture with a standard 2-3/8” slip fitter. Added to its functionality, we provide you with 3 set screws to secure the bracket on your pole, certifying a stable and reliable installation.

Adorned with a bronze powder coat, this 8 lbs. bracket not only promises structural strength, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your environment. The Effective Projected Area (EPA) of this adapter is a noteworthy 0.7, illustrating our relentless efforts to maximize your lighting solutions' efficiency.

Factory LED Direct greatly values the customization needs of our customers. We understand that every lighting requirement is unique, and so, we cater to bespoke arm length adjustments for this Double Spoke Adapter. Keep in mind that customizations may involve additional surcharges and extended lead times.

While our pole-top brackets commonly flaunt a classic Bronze finish, we extend the freedom to choose from our diverse array of powder coat finish options during your ordering process, infusing a sense of individuality into your selected product.

With Factory LED Direct, you can rest assured that you are investing in a resilient, adaptable, and personalized lighting solution, meticulously designed to fit your unique needs. We translate our pride in our products and services into your satisfaction. Let us illuminate your world with precision, quality, and refined aesthetics.