Esprit 1-Light Indoor Brushed Nickel Mini Hanging Pendant with White Glass Cylinder Shade


Br. Nickel White F. Glass Pendant

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Chic, upscale mini pendant ideal for creating a modernambience. Encased in attractive cylindrical whitefrit cased glass. Individually handspun by masterglassblowers, glass is crafted layer by layer into aflawless multi-layered, beautifully ridged cylinderwith a delightfully textured touch. Enjoy phenomenallong-lasting color that will never fade from cleaningor sunlight. Glass color is always non-painted and100% natural, inherent to the original sand pigmentfrom which it was created. Illumination mechanismis sure to impress with its stunning, unique radiance.Light diffuses within multiple layers instead of simplyfiltering light through. The entire glass shade glowsbright in perfect uniformity, emitting an ethereal,serene ambience and capturing an immaculate glowthroughout the glass. Thickness and weightinessfrom multiple glass layers ensures long-lastingdurability. Beautifully finished with flawless nickelbrushed to perfect symmetry by skilled craftsmen.Feel at ease with nickel’s lasting quality and stunning appearance. High-quality nickel provides phenomenal durability and an attractive gleam. Hard surface provides top quality protection against scratches. Easy maintenance—simply clean and polish to achieve an even more lustrous shine. Complements stainless-steel appliances, countertops, islands, bars, dining rooms, kitchens, restaurants, and many other indoor areas. Accent your spaces with this stylish, attractive piece.

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