Full Cutoff Wall Pack 80W or 100W


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The architectural design of Factory LED Direct’s full cutoff wall packs improve the appearance of building exteriors and optimizes the light distribution by directing light downward and outward. A precision crafted optical lens provides a wide distribution pattern, ideal for increased fixture spacing and uniformity. The wall pack fixture’s heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing features modern aesthetics.Cut off lighting is designed at an angle to provide illumination that is more easily directed to a specific area compared to broader applications. With cut off LED wall pack lights, you get illumination directly where you need it for a more concentrated output of light. They are great for a range of commercial applications including doorways, walkways, and any other outdoor areas in need of adequate lighting. With the use of LED cut off wall pack lights, you get the incredible power of LED lights combined with the sturdy construction needed for outdoor lighting. LED lights offer up to 50,000 hours of burn time while consuming less energy in the process for an improved efficiency. These cut off LED wall pack lights are made with sturdy materials and the highest of manufacturing practices for a lighting solution built to last for years.

Full Cutoff Wall Pack 80W or 100W Description
Factory LED Direct Full Cutoff Wall Pack is designed with the most powerful and efficient heat sink, Die-casting aluminum alloy housing, and anti-Corrosion Painting. The completed LED light can work up to 50,000 hours, replacing traditional MH / HPS fixtures 120w – 600w, saving up to 80% energy.
Entrance lighting, courtyard lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor landscape lighting, building lighting, etc…


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80 Watt, 100 Watt

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