High Output Round High Bay with CCT and Wattage Selector (240W Max)

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180/200/240 Wattage Adjustable – up to 37943 Lumens – 35/40/50K CCT Adjustable – UL Listed, DLC Premium Listed, RoHS, IP65 rated – 5 Year Warranty


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High Output Round High Bay with CCT and Wattage Selector (240W Max)

High Output Round High Bay with CCT and Wattage Selector (240W Max)

Illuminate your expansive spaces with unparalleled efficiency and customizable features, introducing our High Output Round High Bay with CCT and Wattage Selector. This top-tier lighting solution is meticulously designed to provide long-lasting, high-quality illumination for high-ceiling applications. Suitable for warehouses, storage facilities, gymnasiums, retail spaces, and convention centers, the RHB Round High Bay is where robust durability meets innovative technology.

Efficient and Versatile Lighting Performance:
The RHB Round High Bay offers an exceptional wattage and color selectable feature, allowing you to customize light intensity and color temperature (3500K, 4000K, or 5000K) at the touch of a button. With this advanced functionality, you can effortlessly tailor your lighting to your precise needs without the need to stock multiple SKUs for different color temperatures.

Exceptional Durability and Construction:
Designed with a die-cast aluminum heat sink, our luminaire ensures superior thermal management, thereby extending the lifespan of the fixture. Rugged enough to withstand the harshest of environments, it boasts an IP65 rating that guarantees a dust-tight body and resistance to water intrusion.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance:
Ease of installation is considered with a standard J-hook for suspended mounting, making it convenient to install across various settings. The clear PC lens maintains the clarity of light while providing protection to the LED packages within.

State-of-the-Art Electrical Configuration:
At the heart of the RHB Round High Bay is a high-quality universal voltage (120-277V) driver, paired with long-lasting, high-efficiency LED packages, ensuring steady performance and energy efficiency across a wide range of power supplies.

Energy-Cost Management:
Comparatively, the RHB Round High Bay fixture offers over 50% energy savings when juxtaposed with traditional metal halide fixtures. The low heat production not only saves on cooling costs but also reduces operational and maintenance expenses.

Sensor Compatibility for Enhanced Functionality:
(Optional) Ready for motion sensor integration, this lighting solution can further enhance energy savings and extend LED life through adaptive lighting controls.

Certifications and Warranty:
Your investment is safeguarded with our commitment to quality, as evidenced by our UL Listing, DLC Premium Listing, RoHS compliance, and an IP65 rating, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Furthermore, the RHB Round High Bay comes with a 5-year Limited Warranty, underlining our confidence in its performance and durability.

The High Output Round High Bay is a testament to Factory LED Direct's pursuit of lighting excellence. In selecting this fixture, you are not just choosing superior lighting - you are opting for a sustainable, cost-effective, and customizable lighting solution backed by our unwavering support and expertise.

Illuminate your space with confidence. Choose Factory LED Direct for lighting that meets the demands of today and the innovations of tomorrow.