Industrial CCT & Wattage Selectable UFO High Bay (230W Max)

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230W/184W/138W/92W – 34000lm/28000lm/22000lm/15500lm – 4000/5000K selectable – DLC Premium – 5 Year Warranty

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Industrial CCT & Wattage Selectable UFO High Bay (230W Max)

Introducing the innovative Industrial CCT & Wattage Selectable UFO High Bay. With a maximum output of 230W, this versatile light fixture offers multiple selectable wattages including 210W, 230W, and 235W Light engines. This light feature is not only energy-efficient but also customizable to the environment it is in. One of the standout attributes of this product is its ability to dynamically change the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), offering the flexibility to switch between three different color temperatures - 3000K, 4000K, 5000K or a more streamlined two-color option of 4000K and 5000K. With such versatility, it ensures the light setting can be adapted to match the ambience and requirements of your industrial space.

The product boasts scalable Lumen packages, allowing you to modify light output from 6,000 right up to a brilliant 40,000 Lumens. This range of light intensity is perfect for industrial use where varying degrees of illumination are routinely required. Equipped with an Anti-UV prismatic translucent lens, this high bay light has been purposefully designed to shape light uniformity and control glare. For your peace of mind, this product comes with a five-year warranty, ensuring that your investment is protected. It's not just a lighting fixture, it's a commitment to superior industrial illumination. Enhance your space with the Industrial CCT & Wattage Selectable UFO High Bay. With its versatile features and robust design, it is certainly a smart choice for any industrial lighting needs.



100230W7034000148 lm/W36000157 lm/W35000152lm/W
80184W7028000152 lm/W30000163 lm/W29000158 lm/W
60138W7022000159 lm/W24000174 lm/W23000167 lm/W
4092W7015500168 lm/W16500179 lm/W16000174 lm/W


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